Aysha Productions

Director and Producer 

"Sun-Kyung Yi is a filmmaker who makes Third World issues relevant to complacent North American viewers. Her trick is to ground documentaries in a familiar reality. Thus a neighbourhood convenience mart became the setting for an exploration of the immigrant experience, and the clash of old and new world cultures, in the former  
CBC journalist's 1996 film, Scenes from a Corner Store. In her award-winning 1998 film, Thai Girls, the influx of Asian sex trade workers in North American cities was the hook that allowed her to illustrate how poverty, consumerism and cultural values oppress women in countries like Thailand. In Hostages to Justice, the subject is the rough treatment of Canadians in foreign justice system... the film is, at its core, a condemnation of human rights abuses..."

-The Ottawa Citizen

Writer, Producer and Director 

I have been practicing various forms of journalism for more than 40 years. By the time Sunny and I started Aysha Productions I had a wealth of life experience, including jobs as a cab driver, warehouseman, phone salesman, community organizer and private investigator. But all that time I was freelancing stories to newspapers and magazines. 
Mostly they were feature length stories about all kinds of people and events and  
subcultures from the criminal underground to the posher preserves of the powerful. Finally, for the last ten years of my print career, I covered television for the Globe  
and Mail and watched and analyzed the best (and worst) television available in the cable universe. 
So the change of career to writing, directing and producing documentaries for television was a kind of natural progression, another kind of long form journalism.  
It has been, by far, the most satisfying of all endeavours because it allows me to indulge my love of ideas, music, film and storytelling.